1. Jack Nominations and Weanling Halter Futurity entries must be members of IDMS.

2. Jack Nominations and Weanling halter Futurity entries may be from grade or registered stock (jacks and mares).

3. WEANLING HALTER FUTURITY entries must include name and description of the mare and nominated jack. Your nomination must be for a specific mare. Violation of this will result in forfeiting entry money and disqualification of foal. Please include all registry numbers and/or breed types on entry forms.

Entry is to be made by the owners of the mare (or with permission of same). CHANGE OF OWNERSHIP of the mare or foal does not disqualify it, provided the buyer is, or becomes, a member of IDMS and the seller notifies the futurity committee of the transaction.

Entries for the Weanling Halter Futurity MUST BE RECEIVED OR POSTMARKED BY MARCH 31ST with full entry fee of $25.00.  Late entries accepted April 1 - August 1 for an additional $100 late fee ($125 total).

4. JACK NOMINATIONS for the NEXT year's Futurity need to be sent in by the owner of the jack along with the nomination fee of $75.00. These nominations MUST BE RECEIVED OR POSTMARKED BY MARCH 31ST.   For example:  The nomination of a Jack in 2002 will make his year 2003 foals eligible to show in the year 2003 Weanling Halter Futurity. However, late nominations will be accepted from April 1 through December 31 with a late fee of $100.00, for a total nomination fee of $175.00. Along with the nomination fee, the jack owner will be able to enter one foal in the Futurity with no additional fees.

The Jacks will have to be RE-NOMINATED each year. (For example:  Jacks that are nominated in 2002 for the 2003 Futurity will have to be re-nominated by March 31, 2003 for the 2004 Futurity, and so on.) Late nominations will be accepted each year from April 1 through December 31 with the $100 late fee, for a total $175 nomination fee.

Each futurity jack owner must submit a stud report for the respective breeding season by December 31st of the current breeding year. For example: Mares/Jennets serviced in 2009 must be reported on a stud report by December 31, 2009.  Each jack must have a separate stud report.

The sire of the winning molly and  john futurity foals will receive a free Jack Nomination for the following breeding season.

5. Entry of the Jack is to be made by the owner of the Jack (or with permission of same). CHANGE OF OWNERSHIP of the Jack does not disqualify it, provided the buyer is, or becomes, a member of the IDMS, and the seller notifies the Futurity committee of the transaction.

6. IDMS reserves the right to cancel a futurity class if less than eight entries are received. (Entry fees will then be refunded.)

7. The Weanling Halter Futurity will be held during the IDMS State Show. The Futurity Class will be held prior to the corresponding regular (open) show class. JUDGES DECISIONS ARE FINAL!

8. The Weanling Halter Futurity entries that come to the IDMS State Show will be divided into two classes according to sex.

9. In the event of the death of a foal, or an open mare, the Futurity Committee will need to be notified no later than the first day of the month of the scheduled show, in which case the owner can opt to substitute foals, or re-enter the following year.

10. The day of the show, entrants need to be sure to come to the office to check entry cards and receive an exhibitor number.

11. Fees and added money shall be divided according to placing. Each class will pay back six places. Monies will be awarded the day of the show.  Paybacks will be 35/ 25/ 20/ 10 / 5/ 5 equally divided between Mollies and Johns.

12. These foregoing rules are subject to interpretation or change, if unusual or unforeseen circumstances arise. Any such action(s) shall be made by the Board of Directors of the IDMS, provided the question is at, or prior, to the directors' meeting preceding the Futurity date. Otherwise, any interpretation or change shall be made by the President of the IDMS (or his proxy) and the members of the Futurity and Executive Committees, and Directors readily available at the time.